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Hercules Technologies Pvt Ltd is a company inspired by Technology. We create and implement business solutions and solve problems by using variety in evolving technology. We are Your Brand maker, Your Technology Steward!

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We will help you analyse and restructure your business work flow to make it seamlessly automatic cutting down cost and risk of physical monitoring
We are one stop shop all your software and it needs, now matter how complex business, Bizware ERP will let you manage it with easy and intelligence.
For Service based Businesses like hospitals, Coaching centers, Schools and Consultancy Services we offer affordable ERP-CRM integration.
About Hercules Technologies
Hercules Technologies Private Limited is team of professionals working for businesses around the globe as Technology Aggregator company which helps in growth by digitizing and automating and securing over all operational and marketing aspect for any business. Over time we have developed methodologies, ideas, tools and skills to make your brand or business appear more reachable and respectable. We have a vision of being that guy who you would turn to for all your technical requirements in operating a Business or even an individual. Be it small or Big, Our approach has always been to face challenges and move forward in the direction of solving real problems, making clients happy by using technology. We started as a website design company in 2016 grown our way to app , ERP and CRM Development. Now, we have developed web based tools to for various purposes and offer cloud based
Software-as-a-Service like POS and billing needs, Digital Marketing, Content Creation, Advertisements making and promotion services, Film Making, Post Production, Audio Engineering etc)
Automation-as-a-service making it easy and affordable solution. (Home Automation, Garden Automation, Save Electricity contracts on smart home transformation, web based bio-metrics or Facial recognition based Attendance/Security Systems etc)
We share Knowledge with everyone 🙂
We also provide software training and applied technology training in various field. We have dedicated lab which we call Bizware Lab where curios to learn students with no age limitation can register an use our resources to shape their ideas related to robotics, home automation, business automation, IFTTT, Android Development , Ethical hacking & Cyber Security, IOT, Networking, Sensors, drones making etc and other new and unexplored field of hardware and software integration . We have Specialized program to teach development on Arduino, Rashpi, ESP, intel Edision and other development board programming. one can enroll for zero to hero technological exposure. We have participated with some schools for knowledge sharing sessions and workshops which we organize for kids to help shape their competence and excellence with technology which is everyday growing multiple folds.

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Automate your home/garden/office over internet and IFTTT
Android for Business
Go Online Your way! eCommerce ecosystem that grows
Easy Web DEV with WordPress
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