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Facebook Marketing

The amplified use of social media has assisted millions of businesses in spreading their message around the globe. Facebook is one of these websites that have seen great growth over last few years. It can also be used as a promotional tool to assist generating lead, building brand, etc. A well prepared social strategy can assist you in getting high returns from these marketing tools.

How is Facebook Marketing distinctive from Traditional Marketing?

Facebook Marketing is linked with content sharing and engaging prospects, generating viral marketing effects. It is lot different than traditional marketing that makes random calls and therefore, boosts the marketing budget, while Facebook market targets the right potential audience, saving both money and time. It  is thus believed to be efficient marketing way.

Facebook users also express their experience and reviews about different products or services. Therefore, it connects people, engages them in dialogue and acts as a tool of promotion. People share their opinions, which become the source of trusted suggestion and therefore, the efficient way of advertising. It’s supposed to have stronger positive influence than normal advertising. It eventually ends in viral marketing and can bring in leads.

What are Facebook marketing tips?

  • Your cover photo must be free-ad banner
  • Post content that’s liked and shared by fans
  • Motivate prospects to speak out
  • Endorse Facebook page
  • Activate Facebook check-in, in order to endorse local business

What should be basic Facebook marketing strategy?

  • Send people to your Facebook page, which should contain what target people are seeking out.
  • Regular status updates must be posted with the aid of automated social media tools.
  • Let people start dialogue on your page. It is the most effective way to keep them engage. Therefore, create lively pages that motivate them to communicate.

Can business accounts be made on Facebook?

There should be personal profile to make business page. These pages are equal to Facebook business accounts.

Is there any distinction between a Facebook page and a Facebook profile?

Facebook profile is for personal use. The ideal way to demarcate it from business pages is the “friend” option shown at the top. This option is accessible only in profiles. Meanwhile, Facebook pages are equipped for businesses. Such pages have “like” button at the top.

Can I come to know who is seeing at my Facebook page?

Yes, you can. In order to know about awareness of you Facebook page, you require to go to admin panel, right at the top. Click “Insights” and then, “See All”.  It includes info on the gender, location and age of who is seeking at your page.

What is exclusive about Facebook when compared to other marketing channels?

Facebook is a kind of inbound marketing, where only interested people pay attention. Therefore, you needn’t have to make random calls, as in standard marketing. Furthermore, there are no pop-ups that can divert people or capture their interest. Rather, people will check the updates and click “like” button to display their interest in learning.

Is there any restriction to the number of Facebook friends?

Yes. Facebook limits a person to have no more than 5000 friends.

How can I get a custom URL on Facebook?

It is made accessible, once 25 people like your Facebook page. These are easy to recall URLs. You can find this option by visiting “Edit Page” option in the top right corner of the page, and then pick your username in the “Basic Information” section.

Why is Facebook essential in promoting businesses?

Facebook is one of the best podiums for people to interact and engage themselves in discussion. It is an efficient way through which info flows. The comments, reviews, feedback etc shared by people makes a big difference, as it leads to discussion among people and becomes influential in the real world. Therefore, companies should make good use of social media to endorse themselves. They must also pay attention to users’ preference and behavior, while designing their marketing strategy.

How can Hercules Technologies assist you in getting business via Facebook?

Hercules Technologies has brought in well trained and skilled staff in the service of its clientele to leverage the advertising power of the most popular social media websites. The firm focuses on linking with new clients, increasing brand awareness and creating an active and engaged community across the business. A number of campaigns are also launched that deliver result because of the proper approach designed and adopted.

Facebook marketing is a team work that will undoubtedly show results, after effective implementation. Hercules Technologies not only gets in touch with the company’s needs, but also brings in the appropriate solution.

Social Marketing Audit

The social media marketing audit will assist you to evaluate the potency of online communities and social network that could fulfill your social targets and firm goals. By evaluating the existing status of the customers where they are, we’ll be able to supply them with multiple options for running forward in social media. We at Hercules Technologies will assist you to reinforce your advertising plans at a number of popular social media websites like Digg, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn . Social media marketing Audit is the best device to evaluate your existing resource,services, and products in the social market.

Google Marketing

We’re industry leaders in managing high-performance paid search marketing programs for some of the world’s largest brands as well as smaller businesses that depend on digital for their success. We’ll work with you to deliver PPC management services that are customized to your needs, your customers, and your budget. Our AdWords consulting is focused on achieving the results you want and continually improving.Continual tracking, testing, and improvement. PPC consultants that understand all facets of digital marketing to help you develop your campaigns. Flexible PPC management services and much more.

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Trusted by over 250 satisfied clients, Hercules Technologies is a huge success with our Partners in Growth. We are committed to sustainable business growth through energy efficient processes and the optimized use of resources. We’ve enjoyed steady and often rapid growth over these years, bringing us to the present day with a staff count of over twenty and 250 plus SMB and enterprise clients based locally, nationwide and overseas.

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Hercules Technologies Pvt Ltd is one of the most trusted and respected IT Solutions Company. We are well known for our Cost Efficiency and on-time Delivery of Projects. The Expertise in our team assures the best of the best solutions in the most simplified manner.

Reviews From Around The Globe

It’s easy to say, but we understand that we’re a customer service organisation first and foremost, before we are a technology-driven company. It doesn’t matter how clever the technologies or our technical skills are, without you, they mean nothing. Customer support is our number one priority.

“The most trusted and respected IT Solutions Company”

I’ve found the service and aftercare to be excellent, following up on issues and with quick resolution. Projects are handled well, working around our needs, essential to us as a business. I can highly recommend Hercules Technologies Pvt Ltd as they are professional guys, communicate well and always deliver on time. Ritesh Rai , Raicon Infrastructures

Hercules Technologies Pvt Ltd is an integral part of our team, they’re always on hand to quickly resolve issues either remotely or at our office premises. They have a fabulous team of friendly and experienced staff who always go above and beyond, we would definitely recommend them.

Ashish Shaavarn, Aumster Technology

Team at Hercules Technologies Pvt Ltd is always quick to respond, their helpful team never fails to deliver a professional and prompt solution to any IT problems we encounter helping to support the on-going success of our business. We are very much satisfied with their services.

Avinash Singh, Abhi Plastics

As we have grown, Hercules Technologies Pvt Ltd have worked alongside us, developing our systems to ensure the smooth running of the business. Client support is efficient and effective and response times are excellent. They have always performed well and delivered their projects on time.

Sweta Chhabra, Shivi Cosmetics Pvt Ltd

We pride ourselves on achieving excellence in client service and have chosen a partner that shares this ethos. Hercules Technologies Pvt Ltd reacts quickly to resolve issues and never compromise. Service consistently reflects our required high standards and integrates seamlessly.

Sandeep Kumar, Patna CCTV

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