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Linux Server Management

 There are many different Linux dedicated servers out there so how do you know the server you choose will fulfill your needs? Well there are two different factors you must take into account that will determine the performance and usability of the server.

The first factor you should look at is the hardware of the Linux server, this will determine if your server is built to last and if the server will be able to cope with the tasks you require.

This is where Hercules Technologies has the greatest advantage as we utilise latest Dell and HP hardware to deliver the power, reliability and flawless performance you require from your dedicated server.

The second factor is the software; Linux operating system you choose can make a difference to both the usability and functionality of the server.

At Hercules Technologies we offer a choice of Linux operating systems, these include…

CentOS 6
CentOS 7
Ubuntu 12.4 LTS
Ubuntu 14.4 LTS

CentOS is a based upon the Linux kernel. It is derived entirely from the Red Hat Enterprise Linux distribution and is highly regarded for both its security and scalability. Centos offers a lot more operational stability to users than other distributed Linux systems because of design similarities with the commercially released system.

Compared to other Linux-based operating systems, Centos only runs the most basic, stable versions of programs, resulting in a reduced risk of system crashes. However this also means there is less functionality when compared to other distributions out there but the CentOS community is very active and support is always easy to find.

Ubuntu is based on the Debian Linux distribution and is composed of many software packages, the vast majority of which are distributed under a free software license. The 12.4 LTS server version includes MySQL 5.5, Apache 2.22, Perl 5 and Nginx 1.1. Ubuntu is considered easy to use and many of its services only take 30 minutes to configure.

LTS stands for Long Term Support which means the software is supported for a much longer period than usual releases so changes are thoroughly tested within our India centers to ensure the distribution is stable for an extended period. This is perfect for servers as this enables them to work for long periods of time without needing regular updates. Long term support includes updates and security patches but as Ubuntu 12.4 LTS will continue to be supported until 2017 which ensures the longevity of your server.

In the end which Linux distribution you select comes down to your preference and experience. The distributions we have selected both have very active communities and will be supported for years to come so either way your server will be in good hands.

Hercules Technologies have been offering dedicated servers for over 13 years to a range of customers that both in the India and around the world. We utilize our expertise and provide India based support to ensure we offer servers that are at the cutting edge of the industry and know exactly what a dedicated server needs to excel in the current market.

Bulk Email

Hercules Technologies is a leading email service provider. Hercules Technologies provides email marketing services for businesses and organizations of all sizes, in all industries, around the world. Hercules Technologies offers autoresponder, triggered and scheduled sending options. Hercules Technologies is a web-based email service provider located in Delhi, India. Hercules Technologies offers a robust API, real-time database integration, 150 email templates, a WYSIWYG email editor, a spam content checker and many other features. At Hercules Technologies it’s all about you, the customer, so we offer 100% branding control. We will never advertise our company on your emails.

Managed Office Networking

A superior office network service will drive your business to the next level of success. The right office network service, whether it is for a small business or a corporate headquarters, makes communication effortless and businesses efficient. We are proud to say that Hercules Technologies is the leader in the office network service industry, because we are fast and flawless in every step of the process: From planning and implementing, to indispensable office network support and maintenance. Our office network support specialists will make sure your company has the office network service that perfectly satisfies your needs. No matter what type of office network service you receive, with Hercules Technologies, it will always be reliable, fast and easy to use.

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Trusted by over 250 satisfied clients, Hercules Technologies is a huge success with our Partners in Growth. We are committed to sustainable business growth through energy efficient processes and the optimized use of resources. We’ve enjoyed steady and often rapid growth over these years, bringing us to the present day with a staff count of over twenty and 250 plus SMB and enterprise clients based locally, nationwide and overseas.

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Hercules Technologies Pvt Ltd is one of the most trusted and respected IT Solutions Company. We are well known for our Cost Efficiency and on-time Delivery of Projects. The Expertise in our team assures the best of the best solutions in the most simplified manner.

Reviews From Around The Globe

It’s easy to say, but we understand that we’re a customer service organisation first and foremost, before we are a technology-driven company. It doesn’t matter how clever the technologies or our technical skills are, without you, they mean nothing. Customer support is our number one priority.

“The most trusted and respected IT Solutions Company”

I’ve found the service and aftercare to be excellent, following up on issues and with quick resolution. Projects are handled well, working around our needs, essential to us as a business. I can highly recommend Hercules Technologies Pvt Ltd as they are professional guys, communicate well and always deliver on time. Ritesh Rai , Raicon Infrastructures

Hercules Technologies Pvt Ltd is an integral part of our team, they’re always on hand to quickly resolve issues either remotely or at our office premises. They have a fabulous team of friendly and experienced staff who always go above and beyond, we would definitely recommend them.

Ashish Shaavarn, Aumster Technology

Team at Hercules Technologies Pvt Ltd is always quick to respond, their helpful team never fails to deliver a professional and prompt solution to any IT problems we encounter helping to support the on-going success of our business. We are very much satisfied with their services.

Avinash Singh, Abhi Plastics

As we have grown, Hercules Technologies Pvt Ltd have worked alongside us, developing our systems to ensure the smooth running of the business. Client support is efficient and effective and response times are excellent. They have always performed well and delivered their projects on time.

Sweta Chhabra, Shivi Cosmetics Pvt Ltd

We pride ourselves on achieving excellence in client service and have chosen a partner that shares this ethos. Hercules Technologies Pvt Ltd reacts quickly to resolve issues and never compromise. Service consistently reflects our required high standards and integrates seamlessly.

Sandeep Kumar, Patna CCTV

Client Satisfaction at its Best

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